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Questions To Ask Your Wedding Florist

Preparing for a wedding can make you very nervous with all the arrangements to make for flowers, entertainment, food and drinks and so on. When you want to hire a florist for your wedding there are some questions you should ask him or her in order to ensure that you choose the right person and leave that department catered for.

You can choose a florist Balmoral to take care of delivering flowers to your wedding. For more information contact Florist Balmoral – Your Pick. The questions to ask are as follows.

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Will you be able to set up the flowers according to my specifications at the venue?
It is good if the florist can be able to do this, if not then maybe you can get him or her to work together with your wedding coordinator.

Will you remove the arrangements after the wedding?
Although you will have to pay an additional fee for this, it is wonderful for your wedding party to be able to leave after the event to other things instead of having to worry about removing the flower arrangements. In case you have rented pother things too, then you shouldnt expect the florist to retrieve them because his sole responsibility will be the flowers.


Who is responsible for delivering and arranging my flowers?
It is important to confirm that the florist you have spoken to and who knows your expectations will be the one in charge or arranging your flowers. This will ensure that you get quality service. In case your wedding will be huge then the florist can work with a trusted assistant in order to be able to do everything on time.

Do you have a limit for the number of weddings on a weekend that you attend to?
Most of the florists usually limit themselves to one or two weddings per weekend. However, it is good to confirm this. In case the florist has many weddings slated for the time yours will be taking place then be sure that he or she will be bale to dedicate the needed time to yours and if not then look for another one who is not very committed.

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In case the flowers I want are unavailable, what substitutes can I get?
Although it is good to expect the flowers you want, you should be prepared with alternatives in case those ones are unavailable for one reason or another. You should confirm that you are okay with the alternative flowers before closing this chapter. You can ask to see pictures of the alternative flowers in order to know what you are agreeing with.